"Creating Emojis" via Zoom



by: Raffi Darrow, Ebytes Editor

Traditionally during Celebrate the Arts Week, two mornings are dedicated to opening up the campus to artists from the surrounding community to work hands-on with Experiential School, Lower School and Middle School Chargers. This week, Middle School students had guest artists visiting via Zoom - rather than in their classrooms - due to the COVID19 quarantine. (Lower School will Celebrate the Arts later in May.)

A lucky group of over 60 sixth graders were able to connect with local Illustrator and Shorecrest parent, Jon Hoefer, who recently collaborated with Headmaster Mike Murphy on his picture book series. 

Mr. Hoefer had students create their own emojis during his Celebrate the Arts teach-in. He talked to them about different levels of emotions, such as drawing fear vs. horror vs. panic, and how to represent different levels of emotions in simple drawings like emojis. Students also related their drawings to specific colors, and introduced those colors sparingly. 

Drawing concurrently with the students, Hoefer demonstrated simple drawings of furrowed eyebrows, dilated pupils, cheeks spreading with broad smiles and more. Students enjoyed not only showing off their drawings, but practicing their emoted faces into their cameras for all to see! Thank you Mr. Hoefer for sharing your expertise with the Chargers during Celebrate the Arts Week!


Creative Fun in the Class!

Jon Hoefer brings his expertise into the classroom to work with students of all grade levels. Programs vary from basic drawing skills, creating art as a team and an introduction to the world of tessellations.

Teach-in Programs with Jon Hoefer

Creating Emojis

Fun with Tessellations!

Collaborative Art


In this introductory class, students learn the 5 basic drawing principles of illustrating their own emojis and how small elements can make a big difference.

Collaborative Art

Fun with Tessellations!

Collaborative Art


Creating art with a friend can be fun! In this program, 3rd and 7th graders pair up to read text (a poem or story) and work together to make a masterpiece (as well as memories). 

Fun with Tessellations!

Fun with Tessellations!

Fun with Tessellations!


M.C. Escher made tessellations famous, and we make them fun! Kids learn a brief history of tessellations (repeating patterns), and how they can make their own ... and link them to others!

"Jon's an incredible presenter and great with students of all ages. He engaged fourth graders and seventh graders simultaneously while presenting an important subject. The students collaborated to create meaningful poetry and inspirations while also created artwork. It was fun for the students and for the teachers as well.

Jon's lesson was also impeccably done with everything thought through down to the labels on the folders with each of the students' names already printed and labeled. The final product was a professional piece of artwork that I have displayed in my classroom. The most fun was watching children of different age groups work together and learn from one another. We can't wait to work with Jon again!"

Amy Brill, 7th Grade Dean

Shorecrest Preparatory School

St. Petersburg, FL